Wiki's Silver Jubilee

For WIki's 25th birthday we are looking to examine the past and future of wiki as the world's first collaborative writing platform.

# Wednesday 25th March

This Wednesday we organised small celebration of wiki, and look to the future. Our aim is to start a programme of work leading up to the creation of an interactive documentary which we will release on Wikipedia's birthday on January 15th 2021.

Here is the raw video of that event stored in Vimeo. We will be editing this video into a number of glitch videos in the coming days. Due the way Vimeo works we are able to replace the video with the edited video so expect to see it evolve and take shape.

# Coronavirus Time

In this time of coronavirus we could not organise a trip to Portland - but we can work remotely. Each Wednesday we already organise a meet the federation and we look to record a session in Zoom to turn into a first podcast broken up into a series of glitch videos.

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