Tilt Five

According to the review below the latest prototype of Tilt Five, the augmented reality glasses made for tabletop gaming works really well and has some surprising advantages over other AR hardware they previously.

YOUTUBE Jse-GwkcYgI Hands-On with Tilt Five Augmented Reality Tabletop Gaming!. Broadcast on 24 Sep 2019.

Deep dive into the technology behind Tilt Five Holographic Game System

YOUTUBE fZ9a78USRIk Tilt Five Holographic Game System and Retro Reflection. Broadcast on 23 Sep 2019.

A quick update and show how to build your first project with the Tilt Five SDK

YOUTUBE 3719onxbeI0 Update 1 - Tilt Five SDK. Broadcast on 26 Sep 2019.

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# Refernces - Bringing AR to tabletop games - engadget - Holographic Tabletop Gaming - kickstarter