Thought Garden

Thought Garden is an Open Think Tank, where we look to have new forms of conversation.

We use a Garden Metaphor to guide the way we structure this project, and build our collaboration through the use of Federated Wiki built on top of an Anthropological Archive of rich media content based on open standards.

# Introduction Below is an introduction to the Aims and Objectives of Thought Garden, as we move forwards to structure it legally as a project (see Legal Constitution). An introduction to the aims and objectives of Thought Garden.

# Structure The project is structured as a partnership between a number of independent organisations, specifically chosen to facilitate new forms of dialogue and research.

We can break this structure down into the following components: - Event Organising - Documentary Production - Learning Model - Technical Infrastructure - Financial Model - Legal Constitution

Each of these elements is structured as it's own independent legal entity, with the aim of resourcing and supporting Thought Garden Projects.

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