Thought Garden Projects

Thought Garden projects are a bit like film or documentary projects in that they are long term projects, which do not necessarily have a production or release date.

Rather we accept projects from groups or individuals seeking to collaborate in bring them to life, and run several projects at any one time.

As per our financial model we look to have these projects self-financed, and work together to reduce development costs and share resources. We also look to help finance these projects when opportunities present themselves.

# List of Projects Here is an initial list of projects that are in various levels of production:

The Outlandish Academy is an open distributed education project for offline and online group work. Our aim is to make online learning more social, personalised, and flexible - outlandish

FEAST is a global decentralised conference and music festival, connected by radio. It is a celebration of local culture, with communities connected globally through conversation, sound and music.

People Powered Money is a conference that we will be running at various locations around the world on financial systems that are currently operating, or in the process of being created that offer an alternative to mainstream economic thinking.

Future law is law - but not as you know it Jim. It is a pragmatic system, or Legal Hack that we are able to compose partly out of code, and partly out of real-world legal elements.

The Commons is not a singular thing. There are many diverse forms of commons. Here we collect them together so that they can learn from and inform each other.

This will be a collection of audio notes on the topic of idenity. Some subtopics below: