Spaceship Pluto

We imagine here using Pluto as a spaceship. Given that the surface of Pluto maybe an amazing insulator, with a small (natural) nuclear generator in it's core - could we escape the solar system inside Pluto?

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# How long would it take?

Spaceship Pluto would require enough of an internal heat source to power life inside Pluto for as long as it takes to travel to another solar system.

How long would it take to get to the nearest solar system with a new sun?

# How much energy?

How much energy would it take for Pluto to escape the gravitational pull of the solar system?

Next we would need enough energy to survive for the duration of the trip. The advantage here is that Pluto looks like it may be able to maintain liquid water for billions of years with little minimal planetary energy - so we may not need to be in a hurry?

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