Sound Garden

The Sound Garden installation uses spatialised or 3D Immersive Sound to reflect the location of the speakers in geographical or conceptual space.

In terms of music we can explore radiostations and other geolocated instruments and sample to create an interactive soundscape - we could call it a Sound Picture of the World.

# Examples

We could arrange a series of performances at spaces we have available - let's take the example of Newspeak House and the Ecology Centre as an example.

We create two Soundscapes, one of Santa Marta and South America, and another of Finsbury Park using samples of street sounds, and conversations in languages, and combine this with live instrumentation of a solo musician - broadcasting the result to remote locations.

This technique could be extended to work with soundscapes from Kafanchan or Ethiopia, or Paducah, Kentucky.

# Parks and sound gardens

A Sound Garden is one of six outdoor public art works on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) campus that lies adjacent to the Warren G. Magnuson Park on the northwestern shore of Lake Washington in Seattle, Washington.

The Seattle Arts Commission guided the jury selection headed by Sadao James Hilario, Engineer-in-charge of the GSA Art in Architecture Program for the NOAA Project, and the jury chose five artists from a pool of more than 250 - wikipedia