Smart Network

The Practical Knowledge Ecology group is an unmanageable herd of cats. As a uniting force to provide us with some context, I (Lauren Nignon) propose that we come together under the umbrella of a “smart network,” based on Chris Cook’s Non-dominium concept.

A smart network is an innovation ecosystem with collective intelligence at its center, where we focus on funding the projects that will enhance the network as a whole. Here are some aspects of a smart network: 1. Good governance 1. Regulatory structure 1. Membrane 1. Investment 1. Tools 1. Intellectual Property 1. Onboarding Process 1. Common ontology 1. Defense 1. Scalability 1. Bootstrapping

# Barn Raising

Sometimes it is good to put up a tent together. Let's call this activity Barn Raising.

David Bovill is suggesting that to achieve these goals, given the issues and difficulties of coordinating people in a decentralised and multidisciplinary teams - it is always best to have a simply playful and practical project around which we can leverage the practical constraints to ensure we focus a good deal of our energy on delivering results with reasonable time-limits.

This will move us out of the plane of simple open collaboration and into the domain of strategic and coordinated federated group work.

So what could this barn be? My proposal is that we agree to hold a decentralised event together some time between September and December 2019. In this event we show off our work. It will be a group show. And out work will be about at minimum the new conversational practices we are developing. It will involve building software and media and governance - and integrating these in a fun and playful way which opens up to a wider public the possibility of better ways of collaborating.

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