Residency Programme

We are providing a series of residencies in London, and are looking to partner with other spaces to provide a network of spaces so that members can take part in a Residency Exchange.

Each space should provide good internet, and access to meetups and local organisations that share our aims.

# Interesting spaces

Here we list a few spaces from around the world with a similar philosophy. No affiliation is implied:

# Collaborative working

Focused teamwork is best organised in a Co-living Space to create a Digital Residency or Learning Sprints in which participants take it in terms to learn off each other, and then share their learning online using live streaming.

We aim to capture this learning in a structured way that we call a Learning object. A Learning object is a template for collaboratively documented workshop: apart from the video or audio tutorial it maps out people and projects, other workshops and previously done work. It is edited and evolves every time new people join and use it.

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