Meet the Federation

Each week on Wednesday we meet in the federation on Zoom. You can find your times in your local timezone below. Please feel free to join drop in - the conversations are informal. Everyone is welcome!

__Topic:__ Weekly Fedwiki Hangout __Time:__ 18:00 GMT -

# Time

Here we figure out the right time, based on the time-zones of the participants.

Federated Wiki Meet DATE Wednesday TIME 18:00 FOR 60 minutes ALSO Europe/London ALSO Europe/Berlin ALSO America/Los_Angeles ALSO US/Pacific HERE

# Agenda

In general our talks are informal and cover a wide range of topics.From time to time someone from the community will demo software or a new feature, or plugin for to wiki they have added.

In the future we aim to record these presentations, and transcribe audio together with links - but not yet.

# Participants

Here we may list the names of people present and link to their pages. The idea is to help you contact, or follow a participants writing by linking to their author-page

# Actions

Here we may link to a project, or action that a participant seeks to undertake. perhaps they would like some help. follow links here to get involved.

# See also