Garden Metaphor

The concept of the permanent wiki differs from a traditionally organised archive in that we seek to structure it with a garden metaphor.

Wiki is by design and philosophy a technology that promotes gardening over more rigid data structures. A wiki is hand tended and to a certain extent messy. It is the result of an organic process of writing.

At the same time there are many forms of garden. And we encourage a layer of experimentation that provides a variety of views to the underlying immutable data as laid down in the evolving commons we call the anthropological archive.

DOT strict digraph rankdir=LR node [style=filled fillcolor=red penwidth=3 color=black] HERE NODE node [style=filled fillcolor=yellow] WHERE /^# Context/ LINKS NODE -> HERE node [style=filled fillcolor=lightblue] WHERE /^# Topics/ LINKS HERE -> NODE HERE NODE node [style=filled fillcolor=green] WHERE /^# Context/ LINKS NODE -> HERE HERE NODE node [style=filled fillcolor=green] STATIC strict digraph {rankdir=LR node [style=filled fillcolor=red penwidth=3 color=black] "Wiki Map" node [style=filled fillcolor=yellow] "Mapping the Federation" -> "Wiki Map" node [style=filled fillcolor=lightblue] "Wiki Map" -> "Markov blanket" "Wiki Map" -> "Context Map" "Markov blanket" node [style=filled fillcolor=green] "Context Map" node [style=filled fillcolor=green]}